Basic Steps To Get Started On You Computer



Keyboard Method:

Open the words, pictures, etc., you want to copy and paste.

Highlight it.

This can be simply done by dragging you cursor over the words, pictures, etc.

Press the control key located on the keyboard. It is down from the “x” letter key. Now, while holding down said apple key, press the ‘c’ letter key.

To Paste press the control button with “v” letter key while you are holding down the key mentioned before to where you wanted to paste.

Right Click Method:

Click and drag over the text you want to copy.

Right click. (The right click will bring up the options window).

Select the ‘Copy” option.

Repeat these steps to paste.

Video Tutorial


The tabs at the top of the page are used to direct you to where you want to go within the network. There is also a site menu #2 for all pages left out of the top.

For example, one of the tabs underneath the ‘site menu #2’ tab is called “Members”. Clicking on this takes you to a page with all the members of Chronic-Intractable Pain and You. From that page you can click on a member and it will take you to their personal page. There is also a search feature where you can enter the person’s name in the box, then click on the magnifying glass icon. The results of your search will display on the page.

Please play around with the tabs and learn your way around the site. Of course have fun while you are doing it! You won’t hurt anything by clicking on one of the tabs, so don’t be afraid or intimidated by clicking on them.


Our chat room is located across the top of the page. However, If you want to go into the chat room, Just click on chat tab across the top of the page & that will take you there! You can then enter the chat room by making your little “ICON” green to show that you are actively in chat. If you want to appear invisible, then make you “ICON” red & you will not show up as being in the chat room. If you you here little “pings”, that means that there are others on the chat room so come on in! If you have any other questions about this, please ask Caprese or 1 of the other admins.


You will need to either have them saved on your computer in your photo file or you can get them from some free graphic web sites. I will list a couple at the end of this note. If you have the image saved onto your computer, “hard-drive”, you just click on the little camera icon at the top of the comment box. Another box will open that says “add an image”. You will click the ‘browse’ button to open your picture file on your computer, and then click on the picture you want to send. After you click on the picture, click on the “open” button. That should place the code for the graphic in the ‘add an image’ box and then click “add”. Your picture code should now be in your friend’s comment box. Add any text you want and then click “Add Comment”. You should then be able to see your image and/or message displayed in the person’s comments.


First you will need to find the image you want to send and get the code to place in the message box. Most graphic or image sites show you how to copy the code and you will just follow the instructions. I will try to make it easier for you. When you click on the image to get the code (usually at the bottom of the image), highlight the entire code and push your ctrl and the C keys at the same time. That should copy the code. Next you will click in the message that you are sending, and push your ctrl and V keys together. That should place the image code into the message being sent. Then you will send your message and the person receiving it should see a picture or image when they open the message. Two places good to find images(the cute pictures we all send) are:


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