How safe is it to use narcotics for fibromyalgia, under doctor’s supervision?

Answer by Kristin Warry:

Personally I very quickly developed an intolerance for them – searing headaches and nausea on waking and severe dehydration. Basically I would say that they do help, and are gentler on the stomach than many with fewer side effects, but like anything its best to only have them when you need them. That way you dont either get a build up, or worse get immune leading to a gradual ramping of doses. Lets face it, we usually have many more years to go, so its best to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

I have found great relief from TENS, TSE, heat, massage, and acupuncture in addition to painkillers. Therefore I would say take them if you doctor approves them for you, but dont see them as the absolute answer. Keep trying to do very gentle exercise, eat healthily, and try other sources of pain relief. However you need to be thinking straight and able to get out to try these other things, so think of them more as a weapon to add to an arsenal and you should be fine. Good luck x

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