I wanted to share these with you! Thank you so much for the nominations!!! Please vote by Dec 31 at: http://info.wegohealth.com/health-activist-awards-2012

#HAAwards – Trailblazer Nominee – Tireless work in support of chronic pain patients, with a site that encourages social connectivity and support. Many informational links, as well as room to ask questions from members and staff. Dr. Patty’s CIPAY is a one in a million program that advocates for the patient in the best ways possible.

#HAAwards – Best in Show: Facebook Nominee – She has been very kind to me,and helpfull.She has never given up on me,and very sweet.I care for her very much,she is a very good Doctor and very compaaionate.

#HAAwards – Health Activist Hero Nominee – Dr. Patty is remarkable in her undying efforts to get the word out about sufferers of chronic pain. She is fantastic in her work on Facebook, her website, email, and showing an upbeat manner in everything she does.

#HAAwards – Advocating for Another Nominee – DR.Patty,Is such a caring lady,even though she has her own illness to deal with she always is trying to do something to help someone else.She is such a caring lady.


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