How Pets Can Ease Chronic Pain


 How Pets Can Ease Chronic Pain

Most pet owners will tell you how much their furry or feathered friends enrich their lives. Pets provide companionship, unconditional love, and joy. For those with chronic pain, pets can give their owners even more. Just ask Maggie Buckley. A former board member of the American Pain Foundation, Maggie has been living with pain most of her life. She says her pets have provided motivation, love, and a lifeline during her darkest hours.
At 13 years old, Maggie was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder that causes easy and frequent bruising, poor wound healing, generalized pain, and joints that dislocate easily. She also has arthritis and migraine headaches. In 1998, her chronic pain conditions forced her to retire early from a position at a digital imaging company.
Maggie struggled to find a new place in the world. She lost her social network at work and felt she lost her identity as well. That’s when a beagle mix named “Q” came into her life and became a core part of her pain management support team.

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