Care-giving: Insights for Caregivers


Care-giving: Insights for Caregivers

Ask Questions

To give your loved one the best care, you have to understand her needs. Set aside time to talk. Find out how she feels and what she wants you to do for her.

Don’t argue or insist your own opinion is best. Offer ideas, but listen to what she has to say. Show that you’ve heard by repeating back key points, like, “I understand that you want to do more for yourself.”

Create a Schedule

When you care for someone at home, days can feel long and unfocused. Give him structure by making a schedule. Set times for meals, personal care, household chores, exercise, activities, and relaxation. Also set sleep and wake times to make sure both of you get enough rest.

When you make the schedule, think about your loved one’s needs. Consider how he organized his day before you got involved.

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