Suicide rate for elderly a concern (Ohio)

I think this is a great article.

All Things Chronic

In the U.S., people 65 or older make up 13 percent of the population but account for more than 18 percent of all suicides, according to the National Institutes of Health…

The suicide rate is likely even higher because it can be difficult for coroners to recognize “ silent suicides” such as intentional overdoses, self-starvation or deaths that look as if they could have been accidental. When the cause of death is unclear, officials might be inclined to call it something other than suicide because of the pain it might cause the family.

“There’s still a lot of stigma associated with suicide,” said Diana Kubovcik, client-services director of the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging.

While older people make fewer suicide attempts than the young, they are far more likely to die because of often-frail health, Kubovcik said. They also turn more frequently to guns.

Double suicides involving spouses…

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