Alleviating Different Types of Pain

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There are seven types of pain associated with fibromyalgia. This is not news to spoonies but, knowing how to alleviate the pain might be. These types of pain are not limited to fibromyalgia fighters, many people with chronic illnesses suffer from these and more. All this pain can easily lead to a lack of sleep and leave you feeling cranky and exhausted.


Types of Pain-
Migrating Aches
Random Stabbing
Stinging Prickles
Over Stimulation

holding pills
For Hyperalgesia, Paresthesia and Allodynia, relief often comes in pill form. Touch usually makes these types of pain worse. Wearing nonrestrictive clothing and regulating body temperature can help keep these pains from becoming too much to handle.


Random stabbing pains and migrating aches are often soothed by warmth and gentle massaging. Massage can aggravate certain types of pain but it has been proven to alleviate others, even tension headaches. Hitting the right pressure points…

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