Washington Medical Marijuana Laws

Washington — Measure 692, a ballot initiative, passed with 59% of the vote in 1998. It was modified by SB 6032 in 2007, SB 5798 in 2010, and SB 5073 in 2011. It is codified at Wash. Rev. Code § 69.51A.010 et seq. An administrative rule is available at WAC 246-75-010.

Qualifying under the Law: Washington is the only medical marijuana state without a registry identification card program. In 2011, Gov. Christine Gregoire vetoed the sections of a bill, SB 5073, which included a patient and caregiver registry and dispensary regulation and licensing. To qualify for protection under Washington’s law, a patient must have a signed statement on tamper-resistant paper from a Washington-licensed physician, physician assistant, naturopath, or advanced registered nurse practitioner who advised the patient of marijuana’s risks and benefits and advised the patient that he or she “may benefit from the medical use of marijuana.”

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