Adhesion Disorder Patients Suffer Invisible Pain

Ashley Killeen calls herself “one of the lucky ones.” It’s been about four years since an obstetrician opened her belly to seek the source of her chronic abdominal pain. He discovered her uterus had stuck to her bladder, the result of excessive scar tissue from two cesarean sections. At 23, the Browns Mills, N.J., mother of two little boys had a hysterectomy. Nearly a year later, the pain returned. This time, it became her constant companion.
“I’m in pain every day,” she acknowledged of her condition, Adhesion Related Disorder. “It hurts just to do normal, everyday things. I can’t pick up my children. I can’t run. I can’t jump. I can walk. Some days, I can’t even do that. I’m 27 years old, and some days I can’t dress myself,” Killeen added. “My organs are literally tugging and pulling on each other every day.”

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