Specialist of Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) (Volunteer)


The Specialist (Search Engine Optimizer (SEO)) is a position for those who have specific knowledge of a specific area of expertise and loves to post about their subject by posting articles, chats, videos, etc. This position reports directly to the Vice President (Karla Rabel) and to Dr. Patty.
The basic responsibilities of a Specialist (Search Engine Optimizer (SEO)) are:
• “Friend” Dr. Patty and all staff (one time only)
• Customize your profile and put up a picture, it can be a tag or a pet or an avatar.(one time only)
Have knowledge of social media and make sure that our social media sites are up to date.
Check your private email daily as notifications and private messages are sometimes routed through general email (A CIPAY mailbox will be given to you for CIPAY business only).
•Check your CIPAY inbox daily for messages. We request that you respond to member’s comments and questions within 24 hours (at the most, 48 hours). If you are unable to answer the question, please ask another staff member to help.
•Other duties as assigned
If you are interested in this volunteer position, please click here:


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