Overview of Fibromyalgia (FMS), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) & Central Sensitivity Syndrome (CSS)

Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) is a progressively recognized chronic pain syndrome, which is characterized by it’s constellation of musculoskeletal aches, pain and stiffness, soft tissue tenderness, general fatigue and sleep disturbances. The most common sites of pain include the neck, back, shoulders, pelvic girdle and hands, but any body part can be implicated. Fibromyalgia patients confront an array of symptoms of varying intensities that are fluxional over time such as; morning stiffness, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, cognitive disorders such as concentration, memory problems, attention deficit disorder, and anxiety. It is estimated that approximately 3-6% of the U.S. population has FM.
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Poll: Pain Patients: What is one thing you want your family, friends and others to understand or do?

Poll: Pain Patients: What is one thing you want your family, friends and others to understand or do?
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Specialist of Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) (Volunteer)


The Specialist (Search Engine Optimizer (SEO)) is a position for those who have specific knowledge of a specific area of expertise and loves to post about their subject by posting articles, chats, videos, etc. This position reports directly to the Vice President (Karla Rabel) and to Dr. Patty.
The basic responsibilities of a Specialist (Search Engine Optimizer (SEO)) are:
• “Friend” Dr. Patty and all staff (one time only)
• Customize your profile and put up a picture, it can be a tag or a pet or an avatar.(one time only)
Have knowledge of social media and make sure that our social media sites are up to date.
Check your private email daily as notifications and private messages are sometimes routed through general email (A CIPAY mailbox will be given to you for CIPAY business only).
•Check your CIPAY inbox daily for messages. We request that you respond to member’s comments and questions within 24 hours (at the most, 48 hours). If you are unable to answer the question, please ask another staff member to help.
•Other duties as assigned
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Poll: Does your current pharmacy have a policy that prohibits the filling of scripts for schedule II narcotics?


Polls: Does your current pharmacy have a policy that prohibits the filling of scripts for schedule II narcotics?

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Here’s why you can skip the new insomnia drug, Belsomra It’s expensive, barely helps, and poses safety concerns


A sleepless night or two can leave you so tired and miserable that it can be tempting to take a medication that promises to help you slip into slumber. But the truth is that sleeping pills like Ambien and Lunesta don’t actually improve your sleep much, according to a Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs analysis, and the newest insomnia medication, Belsomra (suvorexant), is no exception.

It might help you nod off a few minutes faster or stay asleep slightly longer. But that small benefit comes with some big safety concerns, such as being too drowsy to drive the next day or feeling like you can’t move or talk.

We were prompted to take a close look at Belsomra, which is made by Merck, because it’s a new type of sleeping pill called an orexin-receptor antagonist. It acts on the brain in a different way compared to older insomnia meds. The Food and Drug Administration initially rejected high doses of Belsomra—30 mg and 40 mg—because it said they posed a dangerous risk of next-day drowsiness that could lead to deadly auto crashes.

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Crohn’s Disease, Colitis Tied to Anxiety in Study

People with inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, have an increased risk for an anxiety disorder, especially women, a new study suggests. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a group of disorders that cause chronic inflammation of the digestive tract. “Patients with IBD face substantial chronic physical problems associated with the disease,” lead author Esme Fuller-Thomson, a professor from the University of Toronto, said in a university news release. “The additional burden of anxiety disorders makes life much more challenging so this ‘double jeopardy’ must be addressed.” The study authors looked at 269 Canadian adults who had been diagnosed with an inflammatory bowel disease. The researchers found that these patients were two times more likely to have had generalized anxiety disorder at some point in their lives than adults without Crohn’s or colitis.

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Study Reveals Brain Mechanism Behind Chronic Pain’s Sapping of Motivation

Chronic pain is among the most abundant of all medical afflictions in the developed world. It differs from a short-term episode of pain not only in its duration, but also in triggering in its sufferers a psychic exhaustion best described by the question, “Why bother?” A new study in mice, conducted by investigators at the Stanford University School of Medicine, has identified a set of changes in key parts of the brain that may explain chronic pain’s capacity to stifle motivation. The discovery could lead to entirely new classes of treatment for this damaging psychological consequence of chronic pain.

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How to File for Social Security Disability

If you’re eligible for Social Security disability (as opposed to SSI), you can file your application online. It used to be that, to file for disability, a Social Security or SSI disability claimant had to call the SSA (Social Security Administration), request that an application be taken for disability benefits, and then wait to be interviewed, either over the phone at a later date, or in person at the Social Security office. To file for disability today, these options still apply. In fact, for many individuals who need to file for disability, a phone interview is convenient and, to others, an office interview may be more comfortable. Many applicants like to have the assistance of an SSA field representative to fill out the application. However, a third option does exist today for the individual who needs to file an SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) claim: to file for disability benefits online.

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